Uninsured Services

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The following office services are not funded by MSP, and are therefore payable by the patient.

Service fees are as per recommended BCMA rates (Updated April 1, 2018) and all forms must be pre-payed by the patient.

A no-show fee applies for missed appoints which is shown here.


For your convenience, we do accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Debit.

Please ask for a receipt, as you may be eligible for a tax deduction and/or remibursement from your 3rd party insurer.


Handicap / SPARC parking pass (Patient sends in $20)    $43.90
Sick Note   $20.00
Replacement fee for lost RX's   $5.00
Triplicate fee (phone or pharmacy request)   $15.00

Physio/Chiro/Massage note (If patient has an appointment and doctor warrants this as not covered)

Prescription fee for de-reg patients   $31.40
Chart Transfer per patient (via disk)
  $36 - $55
Travel Rx faxed to drugstore   $17.50
Travel injection administration per injection (with above)   $20.00
Travel consult ONLY   $40.00
All medicinal marijuana (not an RX)   $43.90
Medical Form - 1 page (simple)   $43.90 - $70
Medical Certificate / Time loss/return to work form   $43.90
OFA Ability Form / occ fit test   $72.80
OFA return to work assessment   $170.00
Attending Physician Stmt   $61.50
Foster Care Form (not adoption)   $40.55
Adoption CPX/medical form - can be billed to MSP    
Adoption application   $43.90 - $61.50
Foster Care Forms (private)   $43.90 - $61.50
Industrial first aid / Pre-placement / periodic exam with complete physical (amb/fire)   $87.60 - $149.00
Income Tax Disability - Short Form   $149.00
Income Tax Disability - Long Form   $192.00
Insurance Company - Short Form   $146.00
Insurance Company - Long Form   $192.00
Government UIC Form   $42.00
Employer's Work Capability Form   $164.00
Attending Physician Form   $61.50
Fitness Exam (for school, camps, etc.)   $42 - $68.40
Cryo-Therapy (Verruca Vulgaris, Sking Tags) for patients older 15 years    $31.23 - 70

     Planter warts (warts on feet) are covered by MSP

Excision Mole/Lesion - no sutures   $102.90 and up
Cosmetic Excision under local - facial / includes tray fee   $265.70
Cosmetic Excision under local - non facial / includes tray fee   $216.70
Private Consultation / Visit (dependent on age)   $83.50 - $98.40
Private surgical pre-operative assessment   $75.00
Special Authority Form Completion   $74.30

Examinations to obtain Driver's Licence (incl. yellow form)


Examinations to obtain Driver's Licence (disability - blue form)

Tray Service* (Bandages and Dressing Change - Initial)   $22.05 - UP
Tray Service* (Dressing Change - Follow Up)   $11.25 - UP
Tensor Bandages   $5.00
Finger Dressing   $6.00
 *patient may bring in their own supplies